June 2010: We finished up a year long top to bottom repaint of a hospital along with numerous smaller projects .

We became an EPA Lead Certified Renevator Firm

Three employees also received their certifications.

July 2010: Two small church restoration projects along with the full painting of a church rectory, an exterior of a home in Portsmouth, a home in Dartmouth, and a building in Fall River.

Murals of Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe were added to the exterior of the building in late July.

August 2010: Began extensive renovative painting in two hospitals focusing on critical care sections. One entire floor of a hospital was painted. Three interiors of homes in Dartmouth this month along with a few smaller projects were also completed.

September 2010: The design stage is now completed for a church renovation with samples created onsite. A medical office was started just before the holiday weekend and the hospital work is moving along well! Another medical office space has begun in mid month with a completion date a few weeks away. An interior of a home was started and completed this month also. An oncology renovation was begun mid month and will be completed in a few months. An E.R. renovation was started with a completion time set for the first week of October. A water damaged ceiling in a local church was repaired and painted.

October 2010: E.R. renovation is complete! The Oncology project's 1st. phase is complete. A "great room' makeover was completed along with two wallpaper removal project in nearby towns. Another E.R. Renovation was begun and will be completed in early November. At months end we began a multi area water damage repair and restoration in an area church.

November 2010:

Upcoming: A garage transformation, an office building renovation, another wallcovering removal/painting project, and a bedroom "dream transformation".

December 2010:

E.R. Renovation is complete. A faux"disappearing snowflake" bedroom was completed. Two other faux projects are in their design phases. Another medical space repair and painting has begun with a january completion date. A faux "crumbling wall " will be completed this week. A patina cross for a Cape Cod church is being currently worked on along with stations of the cross for another cape cod church.

January 2011

The medical space will be completed by months end and four other medical spaces of various forms have been signed up to start this month including an MRI Magnet project. A renewed space renovation project was signed last week with a start date for next week. A entire church interior is almost ready to go and we are gearing up for that now.

FEB-MAR 2011

All the medical spaces are completed along with quite a few more projects that were added into the mix along the way.The Mashpee church is just about ready for it's April 10th completion date. Much to do and so little time!

April 2011

The Mashpee church was completed last friday and two of our medical spaces are buzzing along top completion very soon. We have some church doors to restore and a large chapel to start in the coming weeks along with another full renovation of an interior of a church in Falmouth. More to come.

May 2011

The church doors are restored and the chapel is also now completed. Some smaller projects have just been completed and we've begun another large interior of a Church along with another Chapel project. More to come!

June 2011

The church and chapel work(see recent work section in the navigation header) will continue along with a number of commercial and residential projects.

JULY 2011

The Chapel's Exterior is completed! Just finished a home interior while beginning another locally. Samples are being prepared in three different locations for future projects and more projects slated to start in the next few months.


This is restoration month for us with multiple projects about to get off the ground.


A busy fall/ winter season has been lined up with numerous hospital projects of various sizes and locations set up over the next seven months along with the complete renovation of an onterior of a church on the cape set to begin in mid October and end sometime in Feb/Mar.


The projects have been rolling right along requiring, at most times, quite a bit of overtime to keep up with the backlog. Maybe things will lighten up towards the Spring for some R&R time.


Exterior painting time has almost arrived and we have a number of exterior projects waiting to get off the ground and running. We'll update when time permits.


In order from left to right are now the iconic 1951 Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Lucille Ball, John Wayne, and Mother Teresa.

The front window display:

The Three Stooges are on display during the day on a 24"x36" canvas alongside a smaller canvas painting of the 1965 Ali-Liston fight.


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